Overview of Christmas Slot Machines

The developers of TrueLab Games go all out for the holiday season in their slot game Christmas Tree. The slot, which was made available through Yggdrasil’s YGS Masters initiative, pays tribute to one of Christmas’s most recognizable symbols—the ever-present tree. Nothing screams “Christmas” like a huge green tree in the corner of the room, whether it’s genuine with an authentic fragrance or fake from the pound store. TrueLab has plopped one on the screen to take up a grid spot in which the company advertises its many useful functions.

Both Christmas Tree and Play’n GO’s Gold Volcano are set out in a triangle formation, therefore there is some visual similarity between the two games. TrueLab has gone all out for the Winter Wonderland aesthetic, complete with purple snow, a snowman, a warm and cozy house in the background, and a star like the one that guided the three wise men to Bethlehem. It’s difficult to think of anything more linked to Christmas that the studio might have included. Will anybody, loaded with turkey and eggnog on Christmas Day (or later), want to play this game if their gifts fell short of their expectations?

You may play Christmas Tree on any device by adjusting your bet size between 40 p/c and $/€40 per spin. Those who aren’t willing to spend a lot on bets may be put off by the establishment’s high minimum and choose to spend the holiday elsewhere. However, with an RTP of 96.4%, most players will be satisfied, and the game’s volatility may be seen as reflecting Santa’s sporadic holiday visits. The hit frequency of 31.6% indicates that players may expect to win around once every three spins when playing Christmas Tree.

Using a 6-by-6 grid, players remove one symbol from the top row of the board per row up until just two remain in the final row. TrueLab has opted for a cluster payouts system, which means there are neither paylines nor win ways. The cascade function is activated when five or more matched symbols form a diagonal line.

The paytable is just as festive, with three different colored ornaments (green, blue, and purple) awarding the lowest payouts, and candy canes, sweets, and bells awarding the middle. Santa Claus and an angel, two more expensive icons, come next. The last of the ordinary icons is a snow globe wild that may take the place of any icon save the Mystery ones.

Slot Machine Christmas Tree Functions

If enough cascades happen, gamers will be able to access most of the functions. Two arbitrary extras are occasionally able to pull off a win or two.

When no further victories in a cascading sequence may occur, the random Blizzard function will activate. A chilly breeze sweeps over the board, depositing anywhere from three to nine unknown symbols. These mysterious packages will eventually turn into either a pay symbol or a wild symbol. The second random event occurs if the leftmost snowman awakens and throws snowballs at the grid, resulting in one low or mid-pay type being activated. All occurrences of that icon in the current viewport will go crazy.

After each victory, cascades are played. This mechanism removes the winning symbols from the grid and replaces them with fresh ones, giving you a second chance to win on the same spin. When no further victories are possible, the cascade stops. In the event of three consecutive cascades or more, the player is awarded one of three possible bonuses:

Win coins by spinning a wheel to reveal a payout of 5x to 1,000x your wager.

Multiplier for overall wins, which can range from 2x to 30x depending on the outcome of a separate wheel spin.

There are 5 bonus spins available.

There are several advantages to using free spins. On every spin, the snowman will be throwing snowballs at the symbols to change them as mentioned above. Along with the cascades came a progressive win multiplier, which began at x1 and grew by +1 with each new wave. No more free spins will be awarded.

Judgment on the Christmas Tree Slot

Christmas Tree is a slot machine that comes quite close to recreating the experience of Christmas in a snow globe. Christmas Tree is a suitable choice for the holiday season due to its contagious spirit. The team’s dedication to the holidays is admirable, even if the moniker “Christmas Tree” isn’t exactly exciting.

Was it, then, worthwhile to put effort into developing a fresh Christmas game? It’s not a terrible effort, all things considered. The data for Christmas Tree are comprehensive, and the game itself may be rather fun. The key to success, like with other grid slots, is to get the ball going early on so you can progress to the later, more challenging levels.

Christmas Tree is reminiscent of Yggdrasil’s version of “Carol of the Elves.” After getting this far, you won’t get many free spins, but when you do, they’ll be fierce. Christmas Tree, on the other hand, has a possible payout four times as high at 25,000 times the initial wager. However, the odds of this happening have not been made public, so take this number with a grain of salt. Even though you might have to wait a while for free spins to trigger, you always have the option of going a bit crazy once they do. It’s good to be surprised, as when you open the largest present on Christmas morning and see your name on it.






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